Year 6 Homework Grid Heroes


Download this yearly homework scheme to save yourself hours of work and create a positive and consistent homework structure for your class. 

Download Homework Grid Heroes and enjoy the benefits it brings to childrenteachers and parents.  

Teachers are completely organised for the whole year, children have the privilege of choosing from a range of engaging tasks and parents enjoy the flexibility of not having to hand in weekly homework!   

Using Homework Grid Heroes for your class is as easy as 123...

1. Hand out the first homework grid (with instructions) to the children.

2. Allocate a homework tray in the classroom (for children to hand in completed homework).

3. Repeat this every six weeks with a new homework grid (36 weeks in total).

With 120 varied and engaging tasks across the course of the year, Homework Grid Heroes complements all learning styles and provides tasks aimed at all abilities. Each homework grid lasts for six weeks (containing 20 tasks worth 1-4 points), in which time children should hand in at least 15 points worth of homework. Each homework grid also comes with its very own 'Mini-Dictionary' (where tricky words are explained) and a 'Hero Task' (a task based on moral fortitude). Supporting the curriculum, each homework grid has age-related tasks on writing, SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar), maths, reading and research.

You may find Homework Grid Heroes creates healthy competition between children to see who can get the most points. It also allows children who LOVE doing homework to complete all the tasks! You may also want to allocate a weekly slot for willing children to present their homework to the class - they gain a sense of pride and motivation when doing so, in turn developing their presentation skills, public speaking skills and confidence. In addition to this, Homework Grid Heroes provides a direct solution to the paper wastage occurring in schools. Each child only requires one homework grid every six weeks. Compared to weekly maths and English you'll find a dramatic reduction in photocopying.