We provide engaging schemes of work which dramatically reduce the amount of photocopying required in schools. We also reduce the workload of our much-loved educators and steer education to include environmental awareness, kindness and wellbeing. We help teachers, tutors and school leaders to instill the correct values in the children they teach. 

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As teachers, we know that rather than setting an example, schools can be a hotspot for irresponsible photocopying. Our schemes of work minimise the need for photocopying and give schools the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint and take a step in the right direction. We are in a race to save our planet and your decisions today are critical. Profits are not our priority, and 5% of each sale is donated to Earth Day Network (earthday.org) for the good of our planet, it's people and it's wildlife. Make a positive change to education and join us in our mission!

                       Daniel Mellor

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